Horse assisted leadership  coaching (SINGLE & TEAM)

coaching session

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Horses are ...

 a mirror and seismograph

They do reflect on the reactions of the human body, - mirror human behaviour and take action according to it. They mirror non-judgemental. 

adventurous & unexpected pleasure

You experience high success in learning on a deep emotional level. 

non-verbal communication

It takes very high power of concentration, body, mind and heart are drawn upon likewise. 

Leader & Highpotentials

Working with horses in a 1 on 1 session is like playing chess.  Finding the right chess move can be very emotional, relaxing and a highly concentrated activity. The horse non-verbally connects to you and therefore demands full attention. It will give instant feedback to your attitude. We learn a lot about our unknown possibilities, strengths, but also weaknesses. Same in the war game chess. In a horse assisted coaching session, one can’t lie, the horse will point out what needs to be seen. Learn new ways and over-come hindering behaviour. No need to ride nor do you need any kind of horse experience.

Leader & Team

You have a change in the company and you want e.g. to motivate or give your team more the feeling of being secure in the team. Employees are working under high pressure. They deserve a special day, where they can discover their colleagues by interacting with horses. An exciting, playful way, just as nature has created it. This is a new experience for everybody.

It´s about intuitive behaviour, about feeling what the situation or colleague could need. They act with each other in a completely different field; nobody is an expert or has proven responsibilities. How do they work together? How do they organise? Horses will show each of them on a personal level what e.g. uncertainty means, or that anger or lack of courage sometimes can stand in one`s way. Maybe one show´s strengths to be very flexible or creative. Maybe the most silent employee brings in trust and quality assurance for the team. Lack of structure, missing resources or obstacles in a project can also be reflected. We will work on solutions together. The leader will get new perspectives in a team, as well as, every single member.


Topics: Motivation, Security, Self-confidence, Responsibility, Goals, Obstacles, Blockages, Team-Building, Courage, Letting Go, Control, Creativity, setting limits, dealing with losses, Trust, Flexibility

training-session for e.g. blockages, setting limits

horse assisted coaching, team - coaching, leadership coaching, CEO Coaching
Example for Training Part within a Coaching Session